Saturday, September 20, 2014

Russells Hall Hospital - Work Experience

I successfully completed my work experience in the Maternity unit at: Russells Hall Hospital, Dudley, West Midlands. My work experience was a one week course, rotating around the different areas, in the Maternity Unit.
 I had the most amazing week, learning about the procedures involved in assisting a birth. Through this, I learnt a lot of medical terms, that have helped to understand the pressures, that a person in the medical industry has to go through, before deciding on the current status of a patient and what the patient needs to move forward. I had always been afraid of the sight of blood, but however, I learnt to overcome that during the course of my work experience. Due to having the chance to observe procedures that I thought I would never be comfortable observing, my level of confidence has now increased, and now I am willing to be involved in elements, that before I thought that I could never be comfortable with. I have learnt that you should never judge your abilities, before putting them to practise, which I think is very important when deciding your future.
This experience has helped me to decide on what I would like to do in the future, because before I thought that I would not be able to cope with the stress and the fast moving environment of a hospital, but when I was surrounded by this, I was overwhelmed at how much I actually loved it! 
Therefore, I would like to conclude that my work experience was more than I had hoped for, in which I have learnt many important ideas from working alongside the maternity team at Russells Hall Hospital.

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