Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Rimmel London Long Lasting Lipstick

It is an amazing Lipstick but I would have to stay it is exactly a 3 hours lasting lipstick. 
I put it on around 10am and it was fully gone by 1pm and I hadn't eaten at all that day. 
It gives a nice glow to your lips and volumes them!
 I would love to say that they brighten your lips up but sadly they don't, which is kind of a shock because of the bright colours they are in. 
I love the smell that they give out, it is like a soft flower scent. 
I wouldn't recommend the brown one but you could give the red and orange a try. 
You could also put Vaseline under the lipstick as it gives a beautiful shine. It kind of helps to brighten your lips but not much!

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